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  • If your over 45 and you know it clap your hands…..repeat

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    Yvette Gonzales

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m fascinated by all the young bloggers/instagramers and trust me when I tell you I usually think I can wear the same styles they do until I remember, that I’m over 45 and I know it!  Insert clap.  In my minds eye, I am a fresh “Over 45” and with today’s knowledge of healthy living, superb skincare and a touch of medical science of the botox persuasion it all works in my favor.


    So what’s a 45+ girl to do for fashion these days?  Well I adapt, revise, rework, tweak, adjust, refine, duct tape, superglue and staple to satisfy my personal fashion pursuit.  I want to feel good in my clothes but now comfort is also a major competitor to style (gasp).  So I search for my own version of the latest look on sites like Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom Rack and Chico’s (there I said it).  I also always competitive shop the looks I love.  This need to find the thrifty needle in a haystack comes from the sheer heart pounding joy of finding it at the best price at the time. When I say “at the time” I mean I usually don’t fret over it for more than a day unless it’s in the higher price points and then maybe two days, okay………. maybe a week but as my mother always said, if you can’t stop thinking about it, you probably should have it.


    I started this post with clapping hands at my over 45 set.  I end it with the power-clap to know our health, happiness and yes personal STYLE are important at any age until it’s just NOT.


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