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  • Texas Tried and True

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    Yvette Gonzales

    The “Lone Star State.” Something about this well-worn slogan evokes a heart-beating, blood-pumping sense of pride that Texans have in their state. It conveys, in three short words, the rugged individualism and independent spirit that characterizes Texas and its people.


    From its sheer size, to its distinct culture, culinary and ethnic diversity and its non‑conformist lifestyle, everything about Texas is a source of pride for its people. They love their state and they have no qualms about showing it. This show of pride has often been a source of bewilderment to non-Americans, and if we’re honest, even to other Americans. Why, people wonder, do Texans seem to identify first as Texans before identifying as Americans? Apart from the fact that such questions are misguided, it also shows how much people misunderstand the reason and source of “Texas pride.”


    First off, Texan pride does not come at the expense of American identity. Pride in Texas is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique history, culture and “flavor” of this great state. Texans understand and value their place in the great American story, contributing in so many ways to its growth and wealth, while boasting an unparalleled cultural diversity. In other words, we are proud Americans, who are unashamedly and relentlessly proud of our own unique culture and heritage!


    What’s Texas Pride all about?

    There are so many things that make Texans proud to be from and to live in this state.


    1.    The symbol of Pride

    The most obvious symbol of the pride Texans have for their state is the Lone Star Flag. The lone star represents all of Texas and signifies unity. The white stands for purity, the blue for loyalty and the red for bravery. Nearly every home has a Lone Star flag, owns at least a pair of cowboy boots, display pictures of bluebonnets or have a superb collection of country and western music. This pride is instilled in children from an early age and elementary and high school kids take history courses on Texas.


    2.    Geography

    Geographically, Texas is exceptional. It is the largest state on the USA mainland and comprises such a diverse array of geographical features and landscapes, it would simply leave you amazed. From pine woodlands, illustrious canyons, plush countryside to stunning coastlines, Texas offers sights unlike any other state. This geographical diversity means Texas boasts unparalleled countryside, and a drive around the state could leave you feeling like you are in a different state (or even country!) every time the landscape changes.


    3.    History

    Another thing that fills Texans with pride is because it is a state that is steeped in a rich and colorful history. Texas was an independent Republic until the very end of 1845, when it became an integral state of the USA. And while it’s true that Texas has suffered many cuts and bruises in its history over the centuries, each of those challenges have only contributed to the rich, diverse social fabric that makes Texas famous across the globe today.


    4.    People, Cuisine and Culture

    Texans love the rich diversity of people you will find in their state. Hispanics, white, blacks and other ethnic groups all call Texas home and, not surprisingly, this diversity has birthed a diverse culinary culture you need to experience to believe. Where else can you have tacos for breakfast? Texan cuisine is famous worldwide, and yes, Tex‑Mex is as awesome as it’s cracked up to be! Whether it be Tex-Mex, barbeques, pecan pie or the fantastic locally brewed beer, nothing can compete with Texan cuisine. You only have to see how seriously Texans take their local food to understand how proud they are of where they come from.


    Obviously, you couldn’t talk Texas without mentioning cowboys. Cowboy attire is worn with pride across the state this fashion is also an icon of Texan pride.


    As for the people, Texas pride shows through in the character of its people. Texans are loyal and patriotic by nature; the state’s motto is “Friendship” and it’s easy to see why. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more easy-going, friendlier, nicer or more welcoming group of people than Texans. Truly salt of the earth, Texans take pride in being able to provide southern hospitality to all guests.


    Texas has produced some truly amazing people and this is quite rightly, a source of pride for the state. From rock musicians to presidents of the USA, Texas has given the world many famous names.


    With all this and more going for them, is it any wonder Texans are proud of their state?


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